“…and I like Tiny Gentle Asians. The cutest, fattest little Asian babies. It’s the best site! And every morning there’s a new fat nugget.” – CHELSEA HANDLER

“An Instagram account is using pictures of adorable chubby Asian babies to rack up 55,000 ovaries. Uh, followers. The page has posted more than 500 pictures of East Asian newborns and toddlers smiling, crying, playing with animals, having their big cheeks smushed, and doing otherwise cute things for the camera.” – THE DAILY MAIL

“Now, prepare to squeal with delight at the sight of this cute and hilarious Instagram account to end all cute and hilarious Instagram accounts: Tiny Gentle Asians. The account’s creator, Mel Kenny, is a Thai Australian editor and social media consultant with a noble mission: To fill your feed with the best baby content around.” – MASHABLE

“Pics Of Chubby Asian Babies Will Warm Your Cold, Despondent 2016 Heart. Instagram page ‘Tiny Gentle Asians’ features happiness-inducing photos of chubby, adorable Asian babies alongside hilarious, meme-worthy captions.” – HUFFINGTON POST

“Some 82,400 followers – and counting – around the world open their Instagram each morning to see which Asian baby Kenny has spotlighted next. The images are impossibly cute and captioned with such wit that it’s hard not to smile when you see them. It’s the Instagram-equivalent of a mood-elevator…“ – WHIMN

“I am thankful for @TinyGentleAsians. Makes me all warm and fuzzy whenever it shows up on my feed.” – W MAGAZINE

“Few things compare to the joy one feels when looking upon a freshly made, squishy, miniature human. This is a feeling that Melissa Kenny, creative genius behind @tinygentleasians, is very familiar with. Her truly moving Instagram feed is one of the best things going on the web.” — OYSTER